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Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provide enhanced coordination opportunities to transportation and traffic managers through the provision of well ordered systems data from multiple inputs.
Traffic Analysis Software
SecureWatch24 provides its Intelligent Transportation System agency clients with a host of analytical tools to facilitate innovative traffic system analysis and control, fostering a well managed system-level approach to enhanced mobility.
OPEK ITS Orchestrator Software
We offer the OPEK ITS Orchestrator Software Solutions Suite to unite ITS Systems operating across a diverse transportation landscape. Central to the design of these systems is the proper identification, placement, and deployment of sensor arrays that address the "Design Basis Threat." We are pleased to provide our clients with an array of sensor systems through our government contract platforms.
The benefits of deploying the OPEK ITS Orchestrator suite include modular multi-platform support, effortless integration within existing systems and portal interaction and interoperability.
  • Incident Management Portal

  • Asset Management Portal

  • Traveler Information Portal

  • NTCIP Tester

  • Communications Management Portal

  • Help Desk Portal

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License Plate Recognition
SecureWatch24 is a recognized expert in the deployment of fixed and mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems. LPR is a technology that uses optical character recognition of images to read vehicle registration plates. These systems may use existing closed-circuit television, road-rule enforcement cameras, or cameras specifically designed for the task. LPR is especially useful for electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and as a method of cataloging the movements of traffic by highway agencies.
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Dynamic Messaging Signs
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Overhead Signs

SecureWatch24 provides the most advanced digital signage systems available today to the traffic and transportation management community.

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Portable/Transportable Dynamic Messaging Systems can be provided to address any clients

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Traffic Control RFID
Ideal for parking, security access, electronic vehicle registration, and traffic management.
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NC350 BlueStar PTA

The state-of-the-art NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer combines the bulletproof performance of the NC300 with Bluetooth technology to make data transfer from multiple devices efficient and easy.

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Encompass E4 & E5 Readers

TransCore's Encompass 4 is a family of fully integrated, self-contained 915 MHz wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) readers that are specifically targeted at high performance applications in parking, security access, electronic vehicle registration (EVR) and traffic management.

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Traffic Cameras
SecureWatch24 provides its traffic and transportation agency clients integrated video management systems, allowing them access to real-time traffic movements through their TMC.
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SecureWatch24 has a proven track record of subject matter expertise in designing risk mitigation systems for public safety, law enforcement, and highway administration agencies.
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Pedestrian Traffic Sensors
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Vehicular Traffic Analysis
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Technology Partners
SecureWatch24 is pleased to partner with ITS technology industry leaders to provide transportation agencies across the United States those resources necessary to effectively execute their missions.
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