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SecureWatch 24 now offers the personal protective equipment (PPE) to help safeguard students, faculty, and staff from infection.
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80% of students surveyed said they feel unsafe in their school, due to fear of gun violence.
-USA Today Poll, March 2018
In fact, the poll concluded that gun violence is the number one fear among students. SW24’s approach to this reality stresses PREVENTION over response.
Schools throughout the country do a great job of educating our children and preparing them for success in the real world,  but when it comes to their own education on security preparedness, most schools don’t make the grade. With an increase in active shooter incidents at schools, along with gang violence and cyberbullying, school districts must be proactive to prevent incidents as opposed to merely having an emergency action plan in place. Being proactive is a necessity as security in schools is now a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. What we’ve learned from the history of violence should help us make better decisions today when it comes to student safety tomorrow. Several of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history have taken place in schools including Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech University, and more recently, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.1

With 250 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2017, 20.8% (52) of which took place at a school,2 SecureWatch24 (SW24) launched its PREVENT Program to help mitigate risks at schools and reduce the number of incidents each year. SW24 is committed to providing schools with the tools and resources necessary to help maintain the safest school environment for faculty and students.

Based on these alarming figures, SW24 developed the PREVENT Program as a simple yet effective way for schools to thoroughly assess the threats and risks facing them today and provide steps to help mitigate those risks. Today, SW24 has become a trusted advisor and the voice behind security preparedness. The company is dedicated to educating schools on what they can do now to help prevent an incident from taking place in the future as deterrence is the best form of defense. 
SW24 is making a huge impact on school safety by uncovering vulnerabilities in people, processes and protocols and working with schools to stress the importance of situational awareness – as knowledge and communication are key to a successful safety program. The number of school shootings in recent years represents a significant uptick from previous years. Universities, colleges, primary and secondary educational facilities are increasingly at risk and subject to intrusion, fire, narcotics, and crimes of rape, assault, and other violent acts. The SW24 PREVENT Program evolved from this realization and continues to be a pillar of strength for the education community. SW24’s executive team has decades of experience in Law Enforcement, and specialized training in counterterrorism and threat reduction practices. Schools can rely on SW24’s security professionals who truly understand the process of security and ensuring safety. Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself, yet many in the school safety business focus on technology which does nothing to mitigate a risk or suitably deter a threat. Adding SW24 to your team produces a winning combination-your experience and SW24’s expertise.Long before the Columbine High School massacre put school shootings in the media, the threat was already there, and certain emergency protocols had been put in place. Violence is nothing new, and sadly, sometimes a tragic event is the only thing that changes the way schools, universities, businesses, hospitals and other facilities handle emergency situations and threats. Technologies change, and protocols need to adapt in order to keep everyone safe when an event such as an active shooter incident takes place. Although it is impossible to make a facility 100 percent secure, the SW24 PREVENT Program can help schools get closer to perfecting school security.
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New York State Centralized Contract Holder for Security Systems: SecureWatch24 currently holds a NYS Centralized Contract for Security Systems and Solutions (administered by the Office of General Services), Group 77201, Contract #PT64408. As contract holder, Securewatch24 can provide a comprehensive physical security system and solution including security products, maintenance, installation and integration services for non-profit, education, municipalities and government agencies Statewide.
Our Approach
SW24 believes in a holistic approach to school safety as no single solution can effectively address the school safety issue.  Each active shooter incident, indeed, each threat, is inherently different. It takes schools time and effort to develop their own safety policies and select appropriate security products. SW24 focuses on a collaborative approach to a school’s safety and security and strategically looks at the entire picture in order to build an effective enterprise-level security program. Schools must first frame their security issues by identifying problems with a threat and risk assessment. SW24 can help schools uncover vulnerabilities from the obvious, such as improper vision panels and lack of adequate access control on doors and access points to the much more subtle items, including inadequate communications protocols, etc. As part of the PREVENT Program, the SW24 management team will show opportunities for improvement to school administrators by analyzing their people, processes, protocols, technology, and hardware from a high level and looking at the entire gamut. 
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SW24 focuses on a collaborative approach to school security and strategically looks at the entire picture in order to build an effective enterprise-level security program.
Importance of Planning
Did you know it takes police on average nine minutes to enter a school after being notified of an incident?
An important part of the SW24 PREVENT
Program is establishing a solid school safety plan that empowers students and staff members.  Everyone at your school should be part of the safety protocol as teachers today are not only responsible for educating our children, but protecting them if a crisis emerges during class time. Knowing what to do in these types of situations can be crucial to survival. On average, there are 17 school incidents per year and the number is quickly rising. Teachers and school administrators may be called on to act as first responders and medics in the classroom while waiting for paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement (the rescuers) to arrive on the scene. Students/staff may need to fend for themselves and assist with tending to the injured. Being prepared and trained for an emergency is crucial now more than ever. Schools need to empower the people who are there – the real first responders are the people in the building encountering an active shooter situation – i.e. nurses, school staff, janitor, etc. The first person who encounters a threat is an “Immediate Responder” whereas firefighters, cops and paramedics are “Rescuers.”
Some of the planning activities that SW24’s PREVENT Program is uniquely qualified to assist with include:
•  Conducting drills/virtual exercises regularly at schools - continually testing all systems and procedures.

•  Ensuring that emergency response systems are in place - schools must have a campus-wide emergency notification system that works properly during an emergency situation.

•  Deploying Mobile Rescue Kits - helping students and staff get properly trained and outfitted with these life-saving kits. The Mobilize Rescue System was designed to integrate effortlessly with your emergency response plan and ensure your school will be fully prepared with the knowledge and equipment necessary to respond to medical emergencies resulting from accidents, acts of violence, etc.

•  Developing a cohesive response plan - showing the importance of collaboration between schools and local law enforcement.

•  Screening Social Media - This is a crucial element in the SW24 PREVENT Program. SW24 views students as important stakeholders with valuable information as they know what’s really going on at the school. It’s important for students to feel comfortable communicating to authorities any impending issues. Sharing information is crucial to prevention and SW24 offers Social Media Screening by subscription which helps monitor social media outlets for signs of a potential threat.
Safeguard Your School With The Right Security Technology
What can schools do today to make it a safer environment for students tomorrow? As part of the preparation process, it’s important for schools to understand the current security technology and options available to them. SW24’s PREVENT Program helps schools implement an integrated security system and conducts a thorough analysis of the school’s current security profile to determine weaknesses and areas that need improvement. SW24’s team of security experts works closely with schools to recommend and implement the following technologies:
•    Attacker Delay Technologies
•    Intrusion Detection Systems
•    IP Video Surveillance & Monitoring
•    Enterprise-level Access Control Systems
•    Visitor Management Integration
•    Campus-Wide Emergency Notification       
•    Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic Management
•    Perimeter Security License Plate Recognition Systems
•    Integrated Intercom Systems
•    Security Operations Centers
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Perimeter Protection
SW24 believes that perimeter protection must start at the off-campus school bus stops and go far beyond the school building. Wherever the children are……is where your perimeter protection needs to begin. SW24’s PREVENT program is instrumental in ensuring that students are safe everywhere they go on school grounds. Some popular technologies that help secure school perimeters include:
•  IP Video Surveillance & Monitoring - IP cameras allowing officials to better identify suspicious individuals who enter and exit school grounds. It also affords schools the ability to monitor bus stops, parking lots, sidewalks, and entranceways with greater efficiency.
•  License Plate Recognition - Allows schools to use cameras with built-in optical character recognition analytics that will not only record the image of a license plate, but also read the actual characters of the license plate, which can then be run against local DMV databases.
•  Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic Management - Managing the movement of pedestrians and vehicles on a school campus is essential to a robust security program. Through a combination of common sense protocols and reliable technologies, SW24 offers schools the opportunity to thoroughly “vet” visitors, vendors and vehicles on campus.
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Building Access - Protecting the Interior
•  Protected Vestibules - Also known as a “mantrap,” a small room with an entry door on one wall and an exit door on the opposite wall. One door of a mantrap cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite door has been closed and locked. Schools should install protective vestibules at their main entrances when screening visitors and install threat-resistant glass as a deterrent to a perpetrator looking to inflict harm on others.
•  Visitor Management Systems - A network-based system is typically used to monitor and record all visitor information.  Many visitor management systems feature searchable visitor databases and generate a photo ID card to be printed and scanned for entry to the facility.
•  Integrated Intercom Systems - Enable school personnel to see visitors and talk to them before opening the door and granting access to the school facility. The video intercom system is integrated with the access control and video management systems, allowing security personnel to record the video streams from the video intercom system for review.
•  Access Control - IP-based access control systems allow school administrators the ability to lock and unlock doors from remote locations on a mobile device. It’s a great way to prevent unauthorized access to a building and allow administrators to conduct campus-wide lock-downs remotely.
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Personal Protection/Environmental Analytics
Duress Alarms & Panic Buttons - Fixed or personal/mobile panic buttons in classrooms and on buses are an important way to communicate to local officials that there is an emergency situation taking place. Communication is key to helping improve response time and gain control over a violent situation.
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•  The Digifact™ A is an IP microphone with audio analytics capabilities and an onboard processor to meet today’s security needs. The Digifact™ features a quad-core processor that streams audio over multiple industry standards including Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and can be easily connected to leading VMS platforms. It incorporates audio and signal processing for clear audio capture quality and a wide dynamic range.  

•  The microphone’s decibel level threshold alarming can create alarms based on specific dB levels and trigger relay outputs to cameras or other equipment making it capable of operating independently or as part of a larger security solution. When utilized with audio analytics, the Digifact™ A can automatically detect gunshots, aggression, car alarms and/or glass breakage, making it a perfect choice for schools. 
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An Average Active Shooter Incident
Lasts 8 Minutes
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Armoured One’s insulated glass unit is shooter/ attack/bomb-resistant glass. This one-inch security glass is unique in that it does not restrict any typical designs seen in normal insulated units. For example, if your project needs tints, colors, low-e, internal blinds, grids etc., we can accommodate your needs, while never sacrificing shooter/attack/bomb-resistant security. Armoured One’s glass products are designed in accordance with CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to be used in your exterior applications. It can be installed just like everyday glass.
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Quickly & Effectively Empower
Your Staff & Students
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The Mobilize Rescue System uses an interactive app that unites the knowledge and equipment bystanders need to respond to medical emergencies. The easily downloadable app will help the
MobilizeNOW participants assess, manage, and monitor medical emergencies (such as severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, overdoses, seizures, choking, hypothermia and more) in conjunction with
Mobilize Rescue Systems’ Compact trauma and medical
emergency unit.

“The Mobilize Rescue app makes it possible for First Care Providers to deliver high-quality care by following the ‘just-in-time’ training algorithm,” said Seth Goldstein, the Director of Training & Education at Mobilize Rescue Systems. “The MobilizeNOW course also discusses situational awareness, so that bystanders at the scene of a medical emergency can stay safe while they provide care.”

Mobilize Rescue Systems’ new technology provides a cost-effective method to equip entire communities, organizations, and individuals to stop massive bleeding while EMS is en route. The Mobilize Rescue System has been implemented by federal and law enforcement agencies, security and investigations agencies, K-12 schools and universities, public and private organizations, and has already been used to manage multiple medical emergencies across the country.
School Security Assessment
Does Your School Security Program Make The Grade?

School Security Assessments and Audits must be conducted by qualified professionals who have the practical experience in law enforcement, emergency management, plan development, technology integration and can accurately identify a school’s risks and vulnerabilities.  SW24 has the professional experience on-hand to help schools see where they are now when it comes to security and where they need to be down the road. The PREVENT Program was created to help guide schools in the right direction by discovering opportunities for improvements and offers an important threat and risk assessment questionnaire. 
Threat Assessment Overview:

1- Discussion of Assessment Methodology
2- Assessment Team Skills and Qualifications
3- Threat Source(s)
4- Threat Potential
5- Threat Background
6- Areas Requiring Immediate Attention
7- Recommendations to enhance general security posture
8- Budget Estimate/Opportunities for Improvement