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Multi-family Residential
SecureWatch24 is pleased to provide a variety of essential security services to building owners and property managers. Securewatch24 has installed in excess of 50,000 cameras at 2,500 residential building locations since 2004. SecureWatch24 has few rivals when it comes to our experience in this market. We tailor a security strategy to meet the needs of building owners and property managers including but not limited to integrated access control, cameras, video monitoring software, investigation services and patrols of the property.
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Key Offerings
Integrated Video &
Access Control
SW24 installs, designs and services Access Control Systems for clients within the residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Our Access Control Systems are seamlessly integrated and tailored exclusively to satisfy the security needs and expectations of our clients, and to provide them with valuable, reliable, accurate and real-time data.SW24’s Access Control Systems offer remote accessibility, giving both SW24 service providers and our client the capability to administer, maintain and update the system in real time — 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Owners and managers can easily add/delete users, create schedules, establish or revise security levels and print detailed activity reports. SW24 will also provide these services to its clients via our “Managed Access” platform, should the client select this option.
Premium protection without the high cost. SecureWatchman(TM) is an innovative service combing state-of-the-art camera analytics with live command center operator response and real-time, two-way voice communications, providing virtual guard services in real time.Talk to an SW24 security professional about how to seamlessly integrate SecureWatchman into your existing security system.
Visitor Management/Intercoms
Your SW24 installed commercial intercom is an integral part of your security system. Intercom systems allow for access control, public address, paging, and even private communication between two parties through audio or video. SW24 provides state-of-the-art, salable commercial intercom systems with superior voice and video clarity for effective communication and control across different departments/locations at your properties.
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Security where you need it most
SecureWatchman(TM) combines state-of-the-art camera analytics with live central station operator response and real-time voice communications to enhance the safety and security of all living within or visiting your residential properties. Camera analytics alert our command center operators to unusual or dangerous conditions within your building, allowing for immediate notification to the appropriate parties.
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SW24 is committed to confidentially addressing your
firm’s investigative needs in a professional manner 
and we have a proven record of providing our clients 
with comprehensive findings essential in helping them 
manage their properties.
Multi-family Residential Security Platform

SW24 has the experience and know-how to address your security and technology needs:

• Property managers• Leasing agents
• Building owners
• Rent-regulated Real Estate
• Condos
• Co-ops
• 80/20 buildings

SW24’s innovative Multi-family Security Platform is designed to meet the demands of multi-building facilities with sensitive amenities including community exercise rooms, laundry facilities, 24/7 parking garages and active construction sites.
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